Lone Worker and Man Down

You’ve already wisely chosen to equip your staff with two-way radios, and now it’s time to activate some safety features for your workers who are on duty alone or who operate in isolated areas. We supply two-way radios that are outfitted with various features intended to ensure worker safety and increase peace of mind, including the Man Down application and Lone Worker function. Both features work a little differently, and here are some of those differences to keep in mind when deciding which application is right for your situation.

Man Down

The aptly named Man Down application is the best choice for just that – situations in which an isolated worker on duty has become incapacitated in some way.

The radios can be preset to automatically sound an alert if they’re tilted at a precarious angle (from 20 to 90 degrees) for a period of time, suggesting that the wearer has fallen, or if no movement is detected for a while. If the worker is okay, they can reposition the radio or disable the alert without an emergency signal being sent. If they don’t disable the alert, the signal lets other users know to send help.

Loan Worker

Lone Worker feature are triggered by user inactivity. If the wearer doesn’t interact with the radio for a preset period of time, say 10 minutes, a pre-warning tone will go off, signaling that it’s time for him or her to reset the timer by using the radio in some way, by pressing a button or adjusting the volume. If the user still doesn’t interact with the radio, an emergency call will be initiated.

The Lone Worker function also tracks user activity but operates a bit differently. Once the radio wearer activates Lone Worker, they’re reminded to “check in” every five minutes by pressing the Push-to-Talk, or PTT, button. Checking in lets others know that all is well.

If the user doesn’t check in, the radio will automatically transmit an emergency alert that help is needed. The radio’s microphone also stays engaged until help arrives, letting other users hear what’s happening in the area. The function can be set for anywhere from five to 80 minutes, with the reminder going off every five minutes.