Public Address & Sound Systems

Digital Mixer / Amplifier

The TOA 9000M2 Series Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifiers redefines the conventional mixer/amplifier category by combining a modular matrix mixer, digital signal processor (DSP) and amplifiers in a compact, two rack space package. The versatile new series is ideal for multi-zone paging, music distribution and room-combining applications. The 9000M2 Series models include dual and single channel amplifiers with high or low impedance outputs plus a matrix mixer-only version.

All models allow for easily configured, custom systems with up to eight mic/line inputs and eight outputs. Each 9000M2 Series chassis has two output channels with built-in DSP, including ; ten band parametric EQ, compressor, deley and more. Input and output modules include additional DSP.
A new integrated operating mode provides powerful functionality for both simple mixing and complex multi-zone paging applications. Features include telephone zone paging, automatic microphone mixing and ambient noise control.

Wall Mount Speaker System

The BS-633A/AT are wall-mount 5″ (12cm) cone-type speakers with a compact and unobtrusive enclosure of ABS resin. Installation is quick
and easy, and the speakers can be hook-mounted or mounted directly onto a wall. A push-type input terminal allows easy cable connections and bridge wiring. Input impedance can easily be adjusted by changing the tap position of the transformer. The BS-633AT comes with a built-in attenuator and can be connected to 2-wire and 3-wire systems. The speakers are highly cost-effective and well-suited for BGM and announcement applications.

Paging Horn Speakers

TOA’s SC Series Paging Horn Speakers are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.  This wide product lineup permits selection of the ideal speaker for most applications. SC Series speakers feature newly developed diaphragms employing special heat-resistant fibers impregnated with phenolic resin to prevent the diaphragm from absorbing moisture and changing shape.

High speaker efficiency has also been realized by minimizing the gap produced when the diaphragm bobbin is installed in the magnetic circuitry slit. The aluminum foil bobbin also features excellent heat dissipation properties to resist high power inputs and ensure high speaker durability. All speakers feature TOA’s unique oval shape, which enhances excellent speech clarity. The mounting brackets and all external hardware (screws, bolts) are made of stainless steel. The horn itself is treated with 50-micron thick powder paint coating, which is about three times thicker than that of the conventional horns. All of these factors combine to ensure the speaker’s excellent weatherproofing and corrosion resistance.

Wired Microphones

Versatile high-performance microphones that can satisfy all user speech-application needs.

TOA introduces a new line of microphones that offer superb sound quality and reliability. Featuring extended high-frequency response to enhance clarity and high resistance to ambient noise, speech reproduction is exemplary.

Radio Mass Transmission

Hickeys Communications supply  ‘stock type’ or more complicated bespoke ‘made to suit’ masts and antenna systems. We are able to bring focused cost savings and add value to your planned communications network. We offer complete A to Z solutions to meet all of your requirements, cutting out the need for numerous onsite and offsite contractors.

We cater for large and small organisations and even non commercial projects that need professional advice in the planning of an appropriate communications system to suit their needs and budget. Whatever the project size we offer the same attention to detail and professionalism throughout all stages of planning, installation, testing support and maintenance. If you require installation or maintenance for a mast or tower structure or any tower-based broadcast communications equipment then Hickeys Communications are here to assist.