Peltor Ear Defenders

Headset Solutions for reliable communication

When it comes to protective equipment, only one thing counts: the pursuit of progress. For more than 50 years, Peltor has specialised in developing and manufacturing hearing protection. Today they are world leaders in that field. Peltor work constantly on research and development. The result is a complete range of hearing protection and communication options that provide alternatives for all noise-hazard situations. Your hearing is too important to compromise!

Standard headsets

With there carefully designed microphone/speaker system and excellent attenuation, Peltor’s range of headsets offer unique acoustic performance providing outstanding communication in very high noise environments. Peltor’s proven and durable designs ensure high comfort levels, allowing long term use under very tough conditions.

Listen Only headsets

We offer a range of listen only headsets with features such as Helmet attachments and foldable Headbands.

Headset Features

  • Individually sprung headband wires of stainless sprung steel provide an even and consistent distribution of pressure around the ears.
  • Soft, wide foam and fluid-filled sealing rings with built-in pressure- evening channels provide low pressure, effective sealing and ideal comfort.
  • High attenuating cups with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for best possible sound quality and comfort.
  • Beam-mounted earphones that provide the least possible resonance and distortion for excellent sound reproduction even in very high noise environments.
  • Mike arm Quick and easy to set distance, length, height, angle. Easy to switch between speech and standby mode.
  • Low, two-point fasteners and easy height adjustment with no protruding parts.
  • Microphone with excellent suppression of ambient noise for clear and reliable communication.
  • Connection cord, insulated with flexible polyurethane and with a moulded connector.